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Let me share with you…
The Secrets to Setting and Achieving Your Goals…
Discover How You Can Double Your Productivity And Maintain Your Motivation To Achieve Anything You Want In Life Through The Power Of Goal Setting
Most people are not achieving their goals and living the life they want because...
They don't know how to Unleash the REAL power of goal setting
So, Why Are Most People Not Living the Successful Life They Desire?

First, most people don’t know what they want to achieve out their lives. They have dreams or very general wishes like “I want to be happy”, “I want to be rich”, or “I want to live a good life”. But that’s all they got.

Next, even if they have clearer goals and they know what they want in life, they will still fail because they don’t understand how things work.

Success starts from within you. You can have all the dreams you want and you have all your goals, but if you don’t learn how to master the inner game, you will never materialize and accomplish your goals.

Finally, the process of achieving your goals is not an easy path. You’ll have to go through a lot of ups and downs, you’ll face plenty of bumps and roadblocks, and only if you learn how to overcome these obstacles, you will never achieve your goals.
Do any of these sound familiar…?
Despite being told that you need to have clarity and find a vision in life, you just don't know what it is that you want to achieve out of your life.

You know what, life should be full of zest and you're supposed to live with passion. But you just find it hard to come up with motivation and the drive to aim for a better life.

You know you need to have goals and you set them, but that's all you do. At the end of the day, you're still not making progress and you're repeating your living your last year, this year.

You deserve to achieve much more, to experience much more, and to enjoy success much more in life.

This is one of the most common frustrations most people have. They spend time dreaming about living rich and becoming financially successful, they imagined themselves traveling first-class, driving a Lamborghini, race camels in the Egypt, and sipping a cold fruit cocktail on the Bahamas beach. But none of that comes true.
Does any (or all) of the above frustrations ring a bell?
Truth be told, nothing changes if you don't change anything.

Meaning, if you want to achieve all your goals, live the dream life that you have longed for - financially, physically, emotionally - you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you've been already doing.

My friend, if you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll get the same old results that have gotten exactly where you are right now.

And if you’re not satisfied with your current states and the life, or if you desire for something better, something good, something more exciting, then you’ve got to do something different.
How This Book Changed My Life
Have you ever felt like there are so many things you want to achieve in life, but yet, you're not getting anywhere?

You just feel stuck, not getting anywhere, and you're repeating every day the same.

But you know you have the potential achieve greater success and reach for a brighter future in life.

That's exactly what happened to me years ago. I felt stuck, lost, and lacked motivation and direction.

But I know life has something better to offer. I know that I'm capable of doing great things and achieving great accomplishments in life.
And one day, I picked up a book that totally changed my life. It was a book that you have read or at least heard about - Awaken the Giant Within, written by the world's #1 success coach, Tony Robbins.

The story of how Tony Robbins transformed his life gave the inspiration to change mine.

On a day when he was traveling on train throughout Russia, Tony did one thing that completely change his life forever.

He spent hours on the train from Moscow to Siberia and back to Leningrad. With nothing to write on but the back of an old Russian map, he wrote down all the goals and the success he desired in life.

And this is what he wrote in the book:
“Eight years ago, in 1983, I did an exercise that created a future so compelling that my whole life changed as a result. As part of the overall process of raising my standards, I established a whole new set of goals, writing down all the things I would no longer settle for, as well as what I was committed to having in my life. I set aside all my limiting beliefs and sat down on the beach with my journal.

I wrote continuously for three hours, brainstorming every possibility of what I could ever imagine doing, being, having, creating, experiencing, or contributing. The time line I gave myself for achieving these goals was any time from tomorrow to the next twenty years. I never stopped to think whether I could actually achieve these goals or not. I simply captured any possibility that inspired me, and wrote it down.”

Clarity is true power.

When you know exactly what you want to achieve in your life, you gained clarity. You know the direction and all you need to then, is to work yourself there. 
Hi, I'm Shawn Lim
After reading Awaken the Giant Within, I'm sold with the idea of goals setting. I sincerely believe that after I wrote down the things that I want to achieve, they would happen in my life.

So I started to set goals. But guess what, I failed at almost all of my goals.

One of my biggest goals of all - is to become a millionaire. And guess what, I never see that goal coming true.

And every year, I kept having the same goal, but it never came true.

I'm down. I'm frustrated. I'm stuck.

Luckily, one day, I decided I'm not going to give up until I achieve all my goals. I decided to do whatever it takes to keep pushing forward.
I started to read books, attend seminars, go to workshops, learn everything I can about achieving my goals.

That's when I slowly begin to understand that there is a formula to setting and achieving your goals. And that’s how I discovered a formula to achieve all my goals.

If you follow the proven strategy, you will get the right results. On the contrary, if you use the wrong method, you will fail at your goals.

Today, I'm a full-time blogger, earning passive income from my websites, travel whenever I want, and have invested in several real estates in Malaysia. I love my life. I want to let you know that if the formula works for me, it can work for you…
imagine you have a magic wand to make all your goals and dreams a reality, how will your ideal life look like?
  • What if you become crystal clear with your vision and know exactly what you want to achieve in life? You can then fly like an arrow, straight to the bull’s eye (your goals).
  • What if you can have all the drive and motivation you need to go through every day and accomplish your work like a super-achiever? Your productivity will increase tremendously, and you will feel extremely fulfill because you become a producer than a procrastinator.
  • ​What if you can find your core purpose and find the meaning to live an amazing life? Life can become so much more interesting. You’ll never find it hard to get out of bed. Heck, you can’t even wait to wake up because you have a real purpose in life and you want to make an impact to the world.
  • ​What if you can achieve all of your goals and live a successful life? What kind of dream lifestyle do you want to have? What will you do if you are successful in every area of life – financially, physically, emotionally, etc.?
  • ​What if you can finally take charge of your life and craft the lifestyle that you desire? Do you want to increase your income and build wealth? Do you want to lose weight, get into shape, and build 6-pack abs? How about getting out of debt, paying off your mortgages and car loans? Do you want to build a successful side business or even travel the world?
Get this: Whatever you want to achieve in your life, there is a formula to it...
I want to introduce you...
Goal Setting Formula Masterclass
This is a goal setting masterclass that will transform your life forever.
You will learn how to set empowering goals that pushes you to achieve amazing results in every area of your life!
Here’s what you’ll discover in Goal Setting Formula masterclass…
  • Learn how to find a strong and empowering vision that gives you the drive and meaning to perform better and achieve greater success in life.
  • ​How to identify and get rid of your limiting beliefs. How to build new and powerful beliefs that empower you to achieve what you really want.
  • ​Discover the real reason why most people fail at their goals. You will tap into the power of your purpose that can drive you through all the difficulties and challenges.
  • ​Rather than setting SMART goals, you will learn how to set and make your goals even more powerful using the SMARTER framework!
  • ​You will understand the 2 measures that every goal adhere and how to use the measure that leads you to getting the outcomes you desire.
  • ​Go through the complete step-by-step goal setting process using the ready-made template I provided.
  • ​Uncover the science behind clarity and how you can use one powerful technique to ensure you take the necessary action.
  • ​Create a compelling scoreboard to keep yourself on track and to never procrastinate again.
  • ​​Develop a winning environment so that you will never lack the motivation and the drive to execute ever again.
  • ​Leverage the power of momentum to maintain your energy and motivation throughout the journey.
  • ​Understand the secret of getting things done using the simple hack of scheduling and having a 'meeting with yourself'.
  • ​​Tap into the power of rewards and change the way you look at your goals so that you can't wait to reach them.
  • ​Learn the secret of how you can increase your chances of hitting your goals as high as 76%!
  • ​​And much, much more.
Module 1: Master the Inner Game
In this module, you will learn how to master your inner game. Just like building a skyscraper, you need to have a strong and solid foundation. This is where I will share with you how to identify a crystal clear vision, how to solidify your beliefs, and how to tap into your inner strength of having a strong purpose.
Module 2: Set Empowering Goals
This is where the rubber meets the road. In this module, you get to learn why most goals fail and how you can make it all work. I will share with you techniques and strategies how to transform your goals into empowering targets that get you moving. Plus, you will also discover the secret on how to measure your goals so that you can make real progress and reach your success.
Module 3: Master Goal Achievement
In this final module, you will discover the 6 pillars of goal achievement. Setting the goals is the first step, what is even more important is what comes next. And you will learn how to craft a viable plan, create the commitment, and finally produce results and achieve your goals. This strategies in this module are actionable whereby you can apply to your daily life.
Plus, to help you go even further and achieve even greater success, you'll also receive these cool bonuses...
Bonus #1
Over 50 Goal Setting Templates to Choose ($97 Value)
You're going to need tools. And we're talking about workable and actionable goal setting templates and worksheets. Yes, you can just print out these easy-to-use templates and fill-in your goals. There are more than 50 templates for you to choose from. With the right and suitable template, you're able to focus better and achieve real results faster.
Bonus #2
Goals Achievement Habits Guide ($47 Value)
This is a must-have guidebook that aims to develop the right habits that are going to help you reach your goals. You see, setting a goal can be quick, but the progress of achieving the goal isn't. As what Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." And yes, you have to develop the productive habits to get yourself going in the long run. Success isn't coming overnight. So, you need to build the right habits and this guidebook will show you how.
Bonus #3
The Pomodoro Technique Short Guide ($47 Value)
We all know that success is not a short-term sprint, but a long-term marathon. Hence, it will be extremely difficult and challenging if you can't maintain your productivity and keep your drive high throughout your journey to success. This is why understanding concept behind Pomodoro Technique is important. And if you apply this technique, you can maintain your productivity and keep your motivation strong until you achieve your goals.
Bonus #4
Surefire Productivity Launchpad ($197 Value)
You will also get Surefire Productivity Launchpad training course for FREE when you join Goal Setting Formula Masterclass today. (This course itself is valued at $97)
One thing that holds most people from living their full potential is productivity. A lot of people fail to realize that they're doing things in an unproductive and ineffective manner.
Go through this 9-part video course to understand everything you need to double your productivity and get more done.
Bonus #5
Lifetime Access to Goal Setting Formula Updates and Future Upgrades ($497 Value)
This is going to be priceless! Do you know that Goal Setting Formula began as a short eBook? And today, it has developed into a full training masterclass that covers almost everything from A to Z. And in future, I will be updating the course from time to time. Plus, when I relaunch the course, guess what, I'm giving existing customers the full access, without charges. When you join me today, you will be entitled for the same benefit.
These Bonuses ALL Come Along With Goal Setting Formula Masterclass!
Take this opportunity to master your personal growth today.

You can learn everything on your own and figure out the path, or you can follow the right method and use the proven path to get to the top. Like climbing a mountain, you can choose to follow the trail and get to the summit, or you can try to find your way up there, all by yourself (which usually you'll end up lost).

It's not about how fast you can run. It's about running in the right direction.

If you chase the sunrise by running to the west, you're not going to make it. Running faster will only get you to the wrong place, only faster.
It's time to make a real change to your life through...
Goal Setting Formula
I'm Giving You a No-Brainer 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
I’m not crazy, however I want you to understand that Goal Setting Formula is a full-proof system that I have spent thousands of hours to develop. Many have joined the masterclass and your satisfaction is extremely important to me.

And this is why I’m giving you a 30-day refund period, in case if you don’t like the course.

And if you think that my Goal Setting Formula masterclass does not help you in your journey to success, I don’t want your money. I’ll gladly return every single cent you invest here with no questions asked!
What Others Are Saying About "Goal Setting Formula"?
"From someone who learned about goal setting and success the hard way I can tell you that Shawn Lim outlines a great way to get going with your plans and start living life to the fullest. Anyone who go through this course will move on with a clearer head about their goals."

Andrew Maule
"I just finished your excellent program, Goal Setting Formula. I have to say I really liked it and went through it all until I finished it. I went through the program from beginning to end in one sitting, step by step, as I thought about my goals.

What I loved about the program was its simplicity, in language and presentation, making it easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend it to anyone who seriously wants to move ahead in life. Thank you, Shawn."

Hani Al-Qasem
"I have gone through your course, Goal Setting Formula, to say the least I am impressed. I would like to call it a life changing guide to a goal setting breakthrough.

It offers a step by step guide through the process and giving a more participative and practical approach which are very easy to understand and apply. I would like to recommend this course to any aspiring persons who are serious about goal setting and achievement. Thanks to Shawn Lim."

Lennimore Dauda
"If someone were to ask me which course is worth getting to help you becoming a successful person, my answer would undoubtedly be - Shawn Lim's Goal Setting Formula.

This course has given me a clear picture on why goal setting is important, how to set goals and what should I do after I have set the goals.

Guess what? After finish reading his course, I became motivated and dare to dream big. I realized that goal setting is mandatory if you want to be successful in life. Truly amazed at how inspired I could be in just a short time!

I am so glad that I have this course as a guide to my brighter tomorrow. Thank you very much Shawn, for such a lovely, clear, concise and highly motivational course."

Anabelle Lim
"What would you expect from this course? That's the first thing came across my mind, but after learning it, it is giving me a crystal clear view about goal setting.

Why we need to set our goal? For me if you do not set any goal in your life yet and I am pretty sure you shall live your life the same before.

I can tell you that this is not the an ordinary goal setting course. Shawn will guide you step-by-step to setting up your goal. Grab this Goal Setting Formula.

So my advice to you, for those who seeking a success in his or her life and dare to be extraordinary people, take your first action by getting this course and you would be thankful to Shawn by making this program."

Hapiz Rajali
"It is true that one need to set goals, in fact it is of utmost importance if you have any intention of being successful in life. Taking the time to learn from this course has most definitely put me in the right prospective as to areas in which to set my goals after all most of us just think along the line of financial goals and not necessarily marking out a balance field, prioritizing, successful keys to goal setting, setting goals I love, as when you really love what you do you will give it your all.

I believe that one can truly inspire another and this course has done it for me. Thanks Shawn, every time I come up short of reaching my goals I will come back to this place to remind myself of the direction to take and the ways to go about it."

Denise James
How Much do you think your goals are worth?
You'll get instant and lifetime access to Goal Setting Formula Masterclass together with all the cool bonuses right after you sign up today!

I regularly check the course for updates and if there's anything I can add or improve so that you can make the most out of it. You will have the most up-to-date information and strategies for lifetime.

One more thing, I’ve been in this field for over a decade. And I’m also actively running a community for years. This means that I’m here to stay. When you enroll in the course, you will also be given exclusive content to achieve greater personal success whenever I see fit. 
Here’s A Recap Of
  •  Goal Setting Formula Masterclass ($297 Value)
  •  Bonus #1: 50+ Ready-Made Goal Setting Templates ($97 Value)
  •  Bonus #2: Goal Achievement Habits Guide ($47 Value)
  •  Bonus #3: The Pomodoro Short Guide ($47 Value)
  •  Bonus #4: Surefire Productivity Launchpad ($197 Value)
  •  Bonus #5: Goal Setting Formula Lifetime Membership ($497 Value)
Total Value: $1,182
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Let me be frank, you've got only 2 choices from here:

Choice #1:
You could leave this page and continue with your life. This way, nothing changes, and I highly believe that you're going to live your life the same way and at the end of the day, fail at your goals.
Choice #2:
You could join me in this masterclass and learn the most about self-growth. Once you unleash your inner potential, you can achieve massive success within months from now.

Either you go BIG or you go home

From here on it's just your decision to choose whether you want to ignore this opportunity to change your life, or to grab this chance and learn how to be the master of your life and achieve real results.

Thank you for taking your time to read up to this point. I appreciate your time and that's why I'm giving you my very best.

I'm looking forward to see you in the masterclass and can't wait to hear your success story of how you achieve your goals. Cheers.

Shawn Lim

P.S. In case you're one of those people who just skip to the end, here's the deal:

When you purchase Goal Setting Formula today (for just $97), you're getting the full masterclass with 3 complete modules and worksheets, over 50 ready-made goal setting templates, the Goal Achievement Habits guidebook, plus The Pomodoro Short Guide, Surefire Productivity Launchpad (video training), and lifetime membership to Goal Setting Formula with future updates!

One more thing, if for any reason you don't love the masterclass and the course, let me know and I'll refund your $97, no question asked.

Fair enough? Then don't wait! Join Goal Setting Formula right now and set empowering goals that supercharge your life!
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